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Happy Monday & Happy LGBT Diversity Sourcing

A starter list to follow for LGBT recruitment: @nataliemcd, @justingnelson1, @friendsTLC, @LGBTHlthEquity, @KalenTwoSpirit, @TGworldnews

Want to know how these people were identified? Read on … … …

A great diversity sourcing strategy includes a list of target companies that are actively recruiting the diverse target population. In the case of LGBT this can be slightly more challenging, as this is rarely a question on the EEO survey at the end of an employment application … so we have to get a wee bit more creative.

First look to DiversityInc’s Top 10 LGBT companies for 2011 (http://bit.ly/o7XrQ9) list. Employees from these companies will come from a corporate culture which supports LGBT individuals, and if the candidate also belongs to a resource group/networking group/affinity group for LGBT at the company we can consider that they have self-identified themselves as LGBT.

Another great source is to look at employers that are sponsoring LGBT recruiting events, such as those at Wharton (http://bit.ly/r9hHok).

And then find out who is posting about these events, such as Natalie Hope McDonald (http://bit.ly/ptGAIr) and look at their older posts (http://bit.ly/q7wcsG) and the other employers they mention – which you should target.

And don’t forget to find these individuals on social media sites (psst Boolean works great for that – site:twitter.com “natalie hope mcdonald” yields @nataliemcd) and follow the individual so they can continue to lead you to additional sources: employers, organizations, and other professionals networked in the LGBT community (such as @friendsTLC, @justingnelson1, @LGBTHlthEquity, @KalenTwoSpirit, @TGworldnews and many more).

Happy Monday & Happy LGBT Diversity Sourcing!

@TNTmaven – Kristin Lyon, Senior Trainer & Technology Specialist

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