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What Benefits Does Google Docs Have for Recruiters?

Have you ever tried to open or save a document onto a shared company network drive only to get a notification that you can’t because someone else has it open?

Well Google Docs can prevent that from ever happening again. Google Docs allows for SIMULTANEOUS, REAL-TIME viewing and editing by multiple people in various locations.

The Google product has been around for some time, but it continues to reinvent itself. Over a year ago Google Docs integrated revised document, spreadsheet and drawing editors. This week they launched over 50 new features for their presentation product, to include 3D Transitions, Animations, Rich Tables and New Themes. (PS Google doesn’t call these products Word, Excel and Powerpoint because those are Microsoft products instead of Open Source Software – but you will quickly recognize the similar functionality.) If you want to learn more about the presentation updates, look to Google’s blog at http://bit.ly/q549GN.

And don’t forget there are also several Chrome Extensions related to Google Docs that you can benefit from by adding them to your browser. Found at: http://bit.ly/oYag3P.

Pssst – Google Docs works best when using Google Chrome … but for the full list of “preferred browsers” cross referenced by operating system check out http://bit.ly/n9TiLK.

So what benefits does Google Docs have for Recruiters?

The opportunity to share documents, Boolean search strings & more … and to keep them updated in real-time. Basically the opportunity to benefit from Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). http://bit.ly/oZNPOd.

@TNTMaven – Kristin Lyon, Sr. Trainer & Technology Specialist

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