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Google’s Vision for Google+ Results in FIVE MORE Google Products Going Away

An Oct. 14 blog post from Google (http://bit.ly/tO03Bm) announced that the company will be shutting down a handful of products within the next 90 days, in order to allow a greater focus on products that it hopes users will access daily – such as Google+ (https://plus.google.com – which launched on 6/28/11) … or Google Music (http://music.google.com/about/ – which graduated from Beta yesterday!)

The latest short list of products going away includes:

1) Google Buzz at any moment – www.google.com/buzz

2) Google Code Search on 1/15/12 – www.google.com/codesearch

3) University Research Program for Google Search on 1/15/12 – http://research.google.com/university/search/

4) iGoogle Social Features on 1/15/12 – http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/help/ig/social/

5) Jaiku on 1/15/12 – http://www.jaiku.com/

This marks the FOURTH shut down announcement from Google in 2011, in stark contrast to only one Google Product being laid to rest in 2010 – 800.GOOG.411. The Google Products which were listed in earlier 2011 posts regarding scheduled shut downs include:

1) Aardvark is retired

2) Google Pack retired on 9/2/11

3) Google Desktop retired on 9/14/11

4) Subscribed Links retired on 9/15/11

5) Google PowerMeter retired 9/16/11

6) Google Labs retired on 10/14/11

7) Google Health on 1/1/12 – www.google.com/health

8)Fast Flip

9) Google Maps API for Flash

10) Image Labeler

11) Notebook

12) Sidewiki

As Google makes this shift we can only hope that it means better, faster, more innovative products for recruiters and/or sourcers in the future. Please weigh in on whether you think it will or not … … …

@TNTmaven – Kristin Lyon, Sr. Trainer & Technology Specialist

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