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Are you Using #QRCodes for #Recruiting?

QR Codes (short for “quick response”) are those small square strange box looking images that we are now starting to see everywhere. Recently they have become a well-known way to access things like movie trainers or cast information from a movie theater poster as well as consumer feedback forms for common consumer products like breakfast cereal. But how are QR codes useful for recruiters?

If you are a college recruiter or are constantly recruiting for the same skill set (e.g. sales associate), you need to get on the QR Code bandwagon! Most every college student today has a mobile phone and most have apps on their phone. QR codes are images embedded with information such as a V-Card, or a website URL (e.g. the URL to your online job application) which can be scanned with mobile smartphones that have access to a scanner app. Anyone with an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry has access to a wide variety of free QR Code scanner apps. If you have any of these types of phone, visit your app store to find a scanner app today. When you scan the above QR code right on your computer screen, it will take you directly to a free site called http://goqr.me/ where you can create free QR codes for website, flyers or other media.

So what does a QR code do? and why do I use it or even how do I use it for Recruiting? Good question. Some employers now are using it on billboards, flyers and other media that will reach college campuses or just people who buy their products or services who may be interested in working for them. Think about your company as it may relates to your recruiting campaign. Do you have products or services that might be useful to college students where you could offer a coupon and sneak in a QR Code to take them to apply online. Build a mobile URL to a mobile application link inside the QR code to make it easy for anyone to apply directly from their phone. If you do not have resources to build a mobile site, simply create a QR code with your contact email so that those interested in working for your company can scan the code with their mobile app and instantly send you an email instantly from their phone.

Be creative and innovative in your mobile recruiting!

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