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#Sourcing #Candidates in #2012!!

Sourcing candidates in 2012 will be even more innovative than it was in 2011. New tools are emerging daily with new ways for us to connect with our talent. If you are on Facebook, for instance, you may have noticed business networking tools such as BranchOut & BeKnown. Since Facebook has a firewall that us Boolean lovers cannot get past with an XRay command, leveraging apps inside of Facebook has become a great solution for sourcing talent inside of Facebook.

Next up, mobile recruiting tools! Who could possibly deny the fact that this generation is full of Tweetoholics with lots of Apps on their Smartphones. Often people today disclose that they don’t even bother to buy a home phone line because they always use their mobile anyhow. Some people don’t even use a home internet service because they can do everything either on their Smartphone or the latest; their Amazon Fire, Motorola Xoom or iPad. So now, mobile is no longer just your Smartphone as we can walk right into Verizon and sign up for a mobile plan for our Tablet Device and apps are no longer just for phones, but also for Tablets. So what do apps mean for recruiters? The biggest thing to think about it terms of advertising jobs, is do your jobs feed into these mobile job search apps? Check them out.

The top Job-Search apps for iPhone/iPad are iJobs & JobFinder. iJobs is free and JobFinder only costs a mere 99 cents, but it feeds jobs from major aggregator Simplyhired.com as well as several other sites such as Beyond.com, and Hireability.

The top Job Search apps for Android operated devices like Kindle Fire, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy are “Hire a Droid” & Job Search Engine LinkUp. Hire a Droid is free to download to your Android operated device and it feeds jobs from a wide variety of places such as CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Simplyhired & more while the LinkUp Job Search Engine feeds job directly from company websites.

All of these tools are relatively new but are well formed for us staffing professionals. If you haven;t heard of any of these, be sure to go check some out!

What are you doing new in your recruitment strategy for 2012?

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