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How to go “old school” with #Facebook #Extensions

Ready or not, the Facebook Timeline will be coming to all users in a roll-out within the next few weeks. Facebook’s interface has changed many times since its launch in 2004. If you would like to keep your page old school, then check out these Chrome and Firefox extensions, featured in Mashable, to keep your Facebook classic:

Facebook Classic Chrome Extension:  A simple extension that restores the Newsfeed as a chronological collection of posts. It also hides the triangular blue corner tabs that appear in each story.

Facebook Ticker Removal Firefox Add-on: Removes the new Facebook ticker from the page.

Kill Facebook Questions Chrome Extension: Removes questions from the Facebook news feed.

Clean Up Facebook Firefox Add-on: F.B. Purity hides application spam and other annoying clutter from your Facebook homepage, lets you increase the font size.

Revert Facebook Photo Viewer Chrome Extension:  Reverts the FB photo viewer to the old version, rather than using the new “theater” mode.

Facebook Photo Theater Killer:  Kills the annoying (IMHO) new photo theater on Facebook. Instead loads the old photo viewer, as long as Facebook keeps it running.

Get Old Facebook Chat and Ticker Chrome Extension: With this extension you can get back your old Facebook Chat back, disable the newly introduced Chat Sidebar.

Tidy Facebook Chat Firefox Add-on: Hides offline contacts from Facebook chat.

Facebook Comment Fixer Chrome Extension: removes the feature in comments that causes enter to submit the comment, and restores the Comment button.

Full Mashable article can be found at: http://on.mash.to/wAzkw4

A glimpse at Facebook over the years can be found at: http://on.mash.to/wfgmCC

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