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#AIRS #FanFriday #SourcingSuperStar #Challenge #ScavengerHunt #Anagram


Use the 4 searches below to solve the #AIRSAnagram

Part 1:

Find the online resume of a High School Science Teacher who taught HTML Authoring as well as UNIX Mechanics. Under his listed Objective find the specific type of science he teaches. Use the last letter of the primary science to solve the anagram.

Part 2:

Find an Epidemiologist Supervisor on LinkedIn who is in the Minneapolis area. Use the third letter of his third listed “Specialty” to solve the anagram.

Part 3:

Find an online resume for someone in the Silicon Valley who does iPhone and iPad Development. Try also looking for the iOS SDK. This person lists a specific Development System on their resume. Use the first letter of that development system to solve the anagram

Part 4:

Find a Blog post that is dated August 10, 2011, on a Blog for someone who considers themselves a Social Media Maven. This Blog has links to both Twitter and LinkedIn. Find the sidebar listing that says “My Projects”. Use the second letter of the first website listed under “My Projects” to solve the anagram.

Email your Solution to:


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