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QR Codes for Job Boards – An International Lesson

Over the summer, several news outlets published an article about a QR code grocery store in South Korea. Essentially, they set up a picture of store aisles with QR codes attached to the bottom of each of the items. Once you took a picture of the bananas, milk, meat or whatever else you wanted, the items would be placed in your grocery cart and delivered to you when you arrived at home. This is a perfect solution for weary travelers in high foot traffic areas. You can go to this link to read the original article – http://bit.ly/irYREo.

Rereading the article recently generated some interesting ideas for recruiting. What if you could create a job wall with pictures of current employees performing tasks you’d like to hire with captions and a QR code next to them? The QR code could lead to a special splash page for that type of candidate and contact information for applications and correspondence. Think about how this could work with your diversity strategy or perhaps hard to fill positions. You could place the job wall near companies with high foot traffic where particular candidates are fruitful. Get them interested and make it engaging! The key is to always be creative!!

AIRS food for thought — Happy sourcing!!

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