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Red 5 Studios is looking for an AIRS Certified Talent Scout-Sourcer in Laguna Hills, CA

Talent Scout-Sourcer
Red 5 Studios – Laguna Hills, CA

You possess an endless curiosity and interest in search techniques and recruitment. Finding the right candidate who has made a difference in the development of the game brings you a sense of accomplishment and professional satisfaction. Your sourcing techniques are up to date and your various search engines and your Boolean operator skill set in prospecting the appropriate candidates instills confidence in the hiring managers. Locating top talent and getting their contact information is like a treasure hunt to you. An endless sea of opportunity and success in staying ahead of the competition and ensuring Red 5 continues to attract and grow a world class development team.

Organizational skills are also a must as you keep track of your searches, update the applicant tracking system, build databases per discipline and constantly improve your networking skills. Blogs, forums, associations, organizations are all data mines to you and you peruse them at you will. Arranging travel with candidates and staying on top of their interview process is also something you excel in, recognizing that you are one of the first representatives that they have of the studio. Making them feel at ease while all the time shepherding the hiring process through completion in a polite but insistent manner comes second nature.

A Typical Day

In the morning you update the applicant tracking system and check the calendar for the day in reviewing interviews and phone screens. Meeting with one of the hiring managers in development you drill down deeper than the position description and ascertain exactly the profile of the candidate he is seeking for the team’s success. Where would he/she like to see candidates from? What competitors? What technical skill set? Armed with this information you begin your research and start searching for candidates through search techniques that you have used in the past – creating a spreadsheet of qualified prospects as you discuss the next steps with the Talent Acquisition Director in going forward with the search effort.

After lunch there is a 1:30 interview and you greet the candidate and have him fill out his NDA. You are pleasant and confident as you represent the face of Red 5 Studios but you are also an observer and through your casual conversation you begin to get a sense for the candidate and whether or not he/she would be a good cultural fir for the company. Back at your desk you finalize some travel arrangements with a Sr. Programming flying in from Denver. Then it’s on to another search in another discipline and finding that “diamond in the rough.” Who You Work With the Most

Every day you interact with the hiring managers. Tracking the process of candidates and following up to insure that the leads you have sent to them have been reviewed in a proper time frame and getting ideas for additional searches. Finance also becomes your new best friends as you get approval for postings, trade shows, recruitment strategies and travel expenses. The Director of Talent Acquisition guides your efforts as constantly seeking to improve the team and broaden your experience to include phone screens and interviews. What You’ve Done Before

Source candidates at all levels of disciplines in a competitive, creative environment. Familiarity and extensive use of Boolean operators and knowledge and training in Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS)

Proficient in online Applicant Tracking Systems and reporting metrics and analytics

Create excel spreadsheets on the fly to track and monitor activities in various searches or companies that are prospected. Manage the hiring process and can demonstrate a propensity to guide the interview process through to a successful completion

Previous experience in arranging travel and coordinating all arrangements with candidates in their interview and scheduling with the team in house

Eternal advocate and evangelist for the company. You know the “elevator pitch” by heart and can recite the company’s story and strengths to strangers and get them excited. A joy to be around you always make everyone feel at ease and excited about the Studio and the opportunity to be part of such a unique creative endeavor

Passion for games and knowledge of the games industry and the companies that are rising and those that may need to hear from you soon

Send resume and cover letter to:
Red 5 Studios Email: jobs
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