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#DaveRamsey is Looking for an #AIRS Certified #Technical #Recruiter in #Nashville

We are looking for an experienced technical recruiter who wants an opportunity with an innovative, culture driven, challenge-the-status-quo type company.
We’re growing…fast. We’re looking for an incredible Tech Recruiter to be part of a team that is taking a different approach recruiting new tech team members. We call it our Candidate Engagement Team.
• Researching and sourcing tech markets, communities and candidates.
• Making sure we not only get top-notch candidates but also maintain a great name for ourselves in the tech community.
• Creating an ongoing process to attract developers. Marketing experience a plus.
• 3+ years experience recruiting highly-skilled tech candidates.
• Experience with using advanced social media sourcing strategies.
• Knowledge of how to recruit for company culture. Culture fit is a big deal to us.
• AIRS certifications and Boolean search/logic aren’t required but are a plus! 
• Fantastic communication skills. You will interact with our top business leaders to fill their tech-hiring needs.
• If you’re good, you know it. Sprinkle that with a little humility and you‘re on the right track.
No Toadstools
We’re a driven culture that is bent on continually learning and applying our growth. Don’t be a toadstool. Be passionate about your craft. You won’t get a quiet corner to sit in the dark and just mold. Talent will only get you so far here in order to succeed you must be a “go-getter”.
Work in Your Strengths
Our goal is to help position each team member in a role that plays to their strengths, that sets them up to shine…to win. Know yourself well enough to know what you do well, and just as importantly, what you don’t.
Win or Lose as a Team
Everyone on the team is responsible for bringing new ideas, perspectives and solutions to the table. Starting with day one, we want your voice as part of the conversation. Collaboration does not equal positioning and pushing others off the ladder. Our aim is to serve each other well.
• The Lampo Group Inc. is a mission-driven company with 300 + team members…and growing fast! Our main focus is helping people without hope, change their lives.
• We have an in-depth interview process. We hire excellent people, and we expect excellence. Great people make a great team and that keeps our company strong.
• We work really, really hard…from 8:30-5:30. And then we go home at 5:30 to have a life because we know there is more to life than just work.
• We’ve been listed as one of Nashville’s Best Places to Work the last 5 times in a row!
We Really Believe in This Stuff
Everyday we get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Providing hope to those who need it. Getting the message out there. Helping customers get out of debt. Showing leaders in business how to grow, serve and lead their company. Encouraging people to transition from their day job to their dream job. It’s why we do what we do. We’re looking for passionate, entrepreneurial-minded people who really believe in this stuff, too.  We believe if we help enough people, we won’t have to worry about the money.
Finding people to fit our team is tough, and our expectations are high but for the person who can get the job done, there’s a generous commission structure waiting!
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