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McCall Lee is looking for an AIRS Certified Internet Recruiting Specialist/Office Manager in Frisco TX!

Internet Recruiting Specialist/ Office Manager
McCall & Lee, LLC – Frisco, TX
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Job description: Internet Recruiting Specialist

The Internet recruiting Specialist is responsible for all Internet related recruiting by using technology to post active search assignments on multiple job boards including Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com. This position is responsible for all incoming candidate responses as well as pro-actively seeking resumes on various job boards and web sites by using searching techniques and implementing AIRS certification recruiting techniques in the identification of candidates.

Responsibilities include:
•Interact with the McCall and Lee on a regular basis and jointly gather the necessary information to create a professional job posting for each position we are hired to fill on behalf of our clients.
•Writing creative eye catching job postings and posting to the various web site job boards.
• Reviewing all incoming resumes of respondents and pre-screening each candidate for appropriate work history, key words, and related work experience.
•Input the resume and necessary information about each candidate into PCR including logging the appropriate activity for each candidate.
• Sending follow up e-mail’s to all candidates requesting for them to complete the candidate data sheet to log into our database for future conversations with the recruiting staff. In addition, request a list of professional references.
•Present all pre-screened candidates to the appropriate McCall and Lee recruiter for consideration on the search they are responsible for completing.
•Continuous follow through on the status of all candidates through PCR and hold the recruiting staff accountable to taking action with Internet candidates as quickly as possible.
•Maintain a level of organization that will allow for you to accurately maintain the status of each posting, refresh the postings as necessary, and keep accurate records of the status of each candidate.
•Research specific job boards, niche websites, chat rooms, forums, in order to identify additional prospective candidates for the active searches our firm is engaged to fill.
•Manage all active resumes that are posted though web sites, contact those candidates through e-mail, send them an overview of our clients and firm, and establish a working relationship with those candidates that meet our clients search criteria’s.
•Assist with phone screening candidates on a periodic basis.
•Manage all active job orders in PCR and maintain all active job orders that are posted on our website, check accuracy, spelling, maintaining confidentiality of client, and keep our web postings up to date and maintain a professional image.

•We expect for this person to take a proactive approach with every member of the McCall and Lee.
•This person needs to take the initiative to engage the team leaders in conversations regarding all open positions and the details behind each position allowing for an accurate posting for every position.
•This person will have an objective to place 5 candidates per month in positions throughout the United States.
• We expect for this person to be a self-starter and take action, ask questions, and take control of their own future here at McCall and Nealy.
•We expect for this person to be involved and participate in all McCall and Lee meetings and join a committee of interest.
•We expect for this person to work from the hours of 8 AM-5 PM Monday through Friday, with 1 hour for lunch.
•With the sensitivity of Internet candidates being a time to market issue, we highly suggest that as candidates are identified, they are processed as quickly as possible and presented to clients. Working after work hours may be needed to achieve the opportunity to place them before other recruiting firms have the opportunity.

Andy McCall | Team Leader
McCall & Lee, LLC | Dallas, TX
McCall & Lee, LLC

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