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#AIRSTraining News Class Alert – #HighVolumeSourcing http://bit.ly/AIRSHVS Next Class on Wed Sept 25!


AIRS High Volume Sourcing

So often, recruiters comment that hourly and blue collar candidates just are not available via online sources. However, as the internet becomes ubiquitous across households, candidates of all shapes and sizes utilize the internet in a wide variety of locations. Facebook, for example, is the most visited site daily in the United States and globally with not only millions of user profiles but company profiles as well. Most recruiters today aren’t using this cutting-edge recruiter tool mostly because they do not know how. Learn how to leverage Facebook as well as search engines, social media sites and more to find and contact top talent online for free.

What you’ll know after High Volume Sourcing

In this AIRS sourcing class, learn the latest search techniques to quickly identify many types of candidates throughout an array of online sites that most talent acquisition professional never think to use. Learn how to choose the proper keywords to use, and the most up to the minute technology for sourcing top performing passive talent. This course will demonstrate how to use specific search engines, document sharing sites and social media sites. Walk away with tools and strategies to uncover the top performing passive talent needed. AIRS will not only show the techniques but when to implement them and a guideline for processing through the steps of each search. Sourcing for blue collar and hourly employees requires quick use of targeted methodologies and keywords due to the turnaround time demands. Specific keywords help focus on industry professional searches to yield top performing passive talent. This course is focused on ways to search a variety of sites as well as techniques for searching and leveraging them for communicating with potential candidates. Take a deep dive into an abundance of high traffic websites that are full of top performers. There are a variety of ways to source talent through these websites that may never be uncovered anywhere else online. Learn how to find blue collar and hourly candidates across a multitude of industries.

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