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Download the NEW #Google #Chrome #App for Chrome App Launcher FREE #AIRS Free Resume Search – bit.ly/AIRSChrome

As of Friday January 10, 2014, if you noticed that the AIRS Resume Search Chrome Extension no longer works on your computer that is due to a major development change Google implemented in Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m. In order to get the updated AIRS Resume Search tool, please uninstall the Extension and reinstall the new AIRS Resume Search App for Chrome App Launcher.

Get AIRS Resume Search Chrome App for Chrome App Launcher now!! http://bit.ly/AIRSChrome

Once installed, this tool will appear as a Desktop shortcut for Windows or MAC. All navigation can be done directly from the search tool on your desktop without having to leave the tool. Continue to source talent quickly from LinkedIn, Indeed and a wide variety of other online resume sharing sites fast! Use the “expansion” window to open the window to full screen navigation as needed.

Simply click on any result to show the result in the window itself and then use the navigation tools to click “back” to show the original search.

For questions, please email AIRS Training at:

cs_airs#rightthinginc.com and AIRS_Trainers@rightthinginc.com

All Chrome Apps for the latest version of Google Chrome Browser have moved to Chrome App launcher. Use the Chrome App Launcher tool for any Apps installed from the Google Chrome Web Store, including AIRS Resume Search.


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