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@AIRSTraining is doing a workshop at the Toronto Recruitment Innovation Summit in Toronto Canada Nov 19.

Don’t miss AIRS workshop about Strategic Candidate Interaction techniques.

The phrase “You’re only as strong as your weakest link” applies to many things, but it’s a great analogy for the multifaceted and sometimes challenging process of recruiting in today’s competitive marketplace.  All facets of the recruiting process need to align in order for that perfect hire to actually start on Day 1.  If an organization’s “recruiting chain” breaks anywhere along the way, that perfect hire is actually starting their Day 1 at the competition.

In this 2 hour session, attendees will learn how to make sure the chain is unbroken during the entire recruiting process.  The key elements to the process are finding great candidates, getting them interested in the opportunity, evaluating their skills and abilities and not losing them if they are a superstar candidate. The session will discuss best practices for conducting a productive and thorough phone screen by asking the right questions at the right time. The session will also explore how to challenge a candidate’s answers by asking impactful follow-up questions to probe deeper on their initial answer and to get a clear understanding of their abilities and experience.

The second half of the session will take a look at interviewing.  Are your organization’s interviews too surface-level?  Are Hiring Managers prepared to ask the right questions in order to extract relevant “data” to make an informed decision?  This part of the session will share tips and tools to ensure the recruiter and/or Hiring Manager is not juts shooting from the hip.  Performance Based Interviewing will provide a roadmap for success.

Since recruiting is a two-way street, it’s crucial to showcase what a company offers to its employees and how the opportunity fits with a candidate’s needs. The goal should be to hire long-term and engaged employees.  Painting a realistic job preview for candidates is crucial to overall recruitment success. This AIRS session will help recruiters and Hiring Managers alike gain a clearer understanding of how to keep the recruiting “chain” intact.

Check out the full agenda here:


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