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#AIRSTalent Transformation Jun 17-18, Trends, Tools, Strategies & More bit.ly/AIRS_Talent

AIRS Talent Transformation Conference

Sign-up at bit.ly/AIRS_Talent

AIRS, an ADP Company is pleased to announce the second annual Talent Transformation e-Conference taking place on June 17th and June 18th 2015. Join industry thought leaders and innovative practitioners to discuss transforming the talent acquisition process through idea sharing and real-world solutions for today’s business challenges.

The AIRS Talent Transformation Conference is an event created to help Talent Acquisition professionals transform and optimize their current recruiting strategies. The Conference is a blended learning event combining insightful and informative sessions and practical discussions. This unique approach will offer attendees real-world, high-value conference sessions led by industry professionals in addition to supplemental AIRS Training.

The online conference format will give global attendees the opportunity to maximize their time by attending up to 8 sessions over 2 half-days. Additionally, conference attendees will have the opportunity to attend an AIRS Training course within 3 months of registering for the e-Conference.

Why Attend?

  • Learn Best Practices in Sourcing Global Talent
  • Identify How to Maximize Your Mobile Recruitment Efforts
  • Discover How to Attract and Source Top Veteran Talent
  • Understanding the Benefits of Sourcing the Deep Web
  • Learn Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies in Social Media
  • Expand Your Recruitment Efforts Through Employee Referral Programs
  • Learn Best Practices in Technical Talent Recruitment
  • Participate in a Sourcing Slam Session
  • All attendees will be able to attend 1 AIRS certification course or 2 non-certification courses as part of their conference attendance fee

Who should attend?

  • Recruitment Professionals
  • Sourcers
  • Social Recruiting Strategy Professionals
  • Talent Acquisition Leaders
  • Social Media and Branding Professional
  • Professionals in Human Resources
  • Staffing Professionals
  • Anyone interested in learning more about today’s recruitment landscape


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