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Download the #AIRS October 2015 FREE #SourcingReport

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Featured Article: CodeHorizon – An App Finding Hackathons

Recruiting top coders today is a challenge because the reality is that they are in higher demand than ever. Some organizations today have implemented a long term pipeling strategy using a form of CH1gamification geared toward programmers; hackathons. A hackathon is a timed competition with a subset of coding challenges. CH2These challenges could range from solving problem statements to creating code to perform a specific action. All challenges and contests have some sort of guideline such as a specific language use like SQL, C++ or JavaScript, as well as a time limit, or limit on memory management.

The CodeHorizon App, which is availabel for both iOS® and Android® searches top coder contest websites in real-time to locate the most recent contents that are either in-progress or up and coming.

This app feeds contents from a wide variety of sites CH3including CodeChef, CodeForces, HackerEarth, HackerRank and Topcoder®.

Some companies today, such as GoDaddy® are using these websites to host their own events. People who would like to participate can signup CH4directly on the competitiion page, such as the company
profile page on HackerRank, as shown.

Some of these competition sites, such as CodeChef, have thousands of users profiles, that can be found using the AIRS search technique; XRay.

Make sure to take a look at all of these competition sites if looking for software engineers as it’s a great way to pipeline for the future.









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