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#AIRS November 2015 #Sourcing Report – Get your FREE Copy Today!

Download a FREE copy of the Sourcing Report today. http://bit.ly/AIRSNov2015

AIRS November 2015 Sourcing Report includes information about the updated Google Maps, A tool for Increasing Candidate Engagement and a interesting way to leverage the Internet Archive.

Google My Maps

Google® has many products and often, some of the lesser known tools go unnoticed and unused. Google My Maps® is one of those tools. Click here to access this tool.

The following examples demonstrate some of the highlights of this tool.

AM 1


Some of the highlights include:

  1. Create custom maps to share and publish online
  2. Drop a pin to represent an area on the map
  3. Draw lines or shapes on the map for directions
  4. Search for a specific place on the map
  5. Crowdsource information from the user’s community or team to make the map even more powerful
  6. Automatically create maps by importing spreadsheets (CSV, TSV, XLSX, or Google Sheets)
  7. Add content from Google Earth (KML files) to search the web for public data


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