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Get #AIRS December 2015 #Sourcing Report – Measuring Engagement on Twitter® – Read More…

Get the Full AIRS December 2015 Sourcing Report here: http://bit.ly/AIRSDec2015

Having an online presence is an important part of recruiting. Recruiters are tasked
with building their brand on various social and professional networking sites with
the expectation of creating engaging content and growing their network.
One of the biggest platforms for engagement opportunities is Twitter®. While
there is plenty of opportunity, building a network on Twitter takes time and
dedication. In addition to growing followers it is important to measure levels
of engagement. Historically, Twitter users focused on likes (formerly called
favorites), retweets and replies. TW 1Each of these interactions is a good indicator that other Twitter users are reading the posted content. But what happens when likes and retweets are so infrequent that is feels as though the tweets are ignored or unnoticed?TW 2

While it can be frustrating, and may be tempting to abandon Twitter altogether
users should consider using the Twitter activity tool for profile analytics and
individual tweet activity. Twitter’s desktop dashboard provides analytics information
summarized by monthly interactions and individual tweets. Users can see the amount of
activity each month as well as the most recent summary at the top of the dashboard.

Get the Entire Sourcing Report to read more… http://bit.ly/AIRSDec2015

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