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Find the scientific website with a tagline of being the daily source for the latest research news. Target results from only this website using Google’s search tools for results indexed within the first three months of 2016. Which searching only results from the specified website in that specific timeframe, locate a news article that highlights a research scientist at Virginia Tech who is also a paleontologist and earned her Ph.D. At which university based in Texas?

Add the Search Challenge Date in the Subject Line & email your Solution to:

The first person with the correct answer will win a seat to one High Impact Learning Series (HILS) class of their choice. These course dates, times and descriptions are available on the AIRS website: AIRS HILS classes cover topics ranging from mobile recruitment and building custom search engines to filetype searching and college recruiting strategies. AIRS will make the final determination on the weekly challenge winner. All AIRS Sourcing SuperStar challenge winners will be highlighted on the AIRS Winners Blog. View #AIRS weekly challenge winners list at:

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